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Using Bootstrap

The bootstrap file is a combined file of recent blockchain snapshot. You may use the bootstrap to speed up the synchronisation of your wallet, because instead of downloading the full blockchain, your wallet validates the blocks from the snapshot. The bootstrap method is faster than a standard resynchronisation and uses less bandwidth, but it still may take some time.

How to Use:

If you have never started a Solaris wallet, please run it atleast once to initialise all the files.

1. Stop/shutdown the wallet client if it is running. 

2. Go to:

    Win -> %appdata%/solaris/

You can do so by opening Explorer and typing that into the path field.

    Mac -> ~/Library/Application Support/Solaris/

To find the folder on Mac: 

3. Delete all files and folders EXCEPT backups folder, wallet.dat,  solaris.conf and masternode.conf  (DO NOT DELETE backups folder,  wallet.dat, solaris.conf and masternode.conf)

4. Download bootstrap from here:

5. Extract the bootstrap zip file you just downloaded and you will see a file called "bootstrap.dat"

6. Place the "bootstrap.dat" file into your data folder

7. Start your wallet client and let it sync.