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How to run the wallet in Testnet mode

You must use 2.8.1, or newer, qt wallet version to use the testnet. Download latest version from:

1. Go to:

    Win -> %appdata%/solaris/

You can do so by opening Explorer and typing that into the path field.

    Mac -> ~/Library/Application Support/Solaris/

To find the folder on Mac: 


put: ~/Library/Application Support/Solaris 

then click GO

2. In this folder you will see a solaris.conf file. Open it with notepad.

3. Add this line to this file in notepad


Save and exit.

4. Next time you open the 2.8.1 version wallet, it will start in testnet mode. All your original files are safe, all you need to do is remove the testnet=1 line from the solaris.conf file to use the mainnet again with your original wallet.dat file.