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Updating Masternode (VPS) from older version to new version

Step 1: Update Desktop wallet to the latest version:

Step 2: Log into your VPS and enter the following commands, one by one:

Copy the text and Right Click with your mouse in the VPS window to Paste it.


sudo bash

This update will cause your Blockchain to synchronise again from Block 0. You must wait until it is completely Synchronised before launching the masternode from your local wallet.

To check the current block height, enter these commands 1 by 1.

cd solaris

./solaris-cli getinfo

Go to and check that VPS “blocks” is the same (or very close) as the latest block in explorer.


Use the ./solaris-cli getinfo command to check the progress.

The version number should be: 208010 and protocol version: 70718

You can now close the VPS window if this looks correct.


Go to your Local wallet>Debug Console

Enter the following command: (substitute mn1 with the name of your masternode)

startmasternode alias false mn1

Check if the protocol version is “70718” and if active time is going up. You might have to wait for 15-30 minutes and press “Update Status” to see the active time update. Allows up to 36 hours to start receiving rewards again.

Now check that everything worked on your VPS. Enter this command:

./solaris-cli masternode status

You can now close your local wallet and Putty. The VPS will do all the work for you!

Happy Masternoding!