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Issues with Masternodes

Masternode is MISSING

Step 1: Check if your VPS wallet is still running

1. Login to VPS

2. Execute the following commands:

cd solaris

./solaris-cli getinfo

3. If you got a list of various information, skip this step. If you saw a message that said "Could not connect to server", enter this command to start the wallet:

./solarisd -daemon

4. Your wallet will now load. You can check with this command:

./solaris-cli getinfo

5. If you see "Loading Block Index..." then the wallet is still loading. Wait a minute and try the command again. When you see a big list of information about the masternode, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Start you Masternode from local wallet:

1. Open up the local wallet.

2. Go to Debug Console (Unlock your wallet first if you have it encrypted)

3. Enter this command to start your Masternode:

startmasternode alias false mn1

Substitute the "mn1" for the Alias of your Masternode

Step 3: Confirm that the Masternode has started

1. While you are still in VPS, execute the following command:

./solaris-cli masternode status

2. If you see a "Successful" message, that means your masternode has started. 

2b. If you see any other message other than "Successful", repeat step 2 one more time. 

"Could not allocate vin"

The masternode collateral is not exactly 1000 XLR. You must create a new transaction sending EXACTLY 1000 XLR to your masternode alias.

To see how to access Coin Control for details on your masternode collateral, visit Coin Control Options

"Could not allocate txin"

You may be using the wrong txid as reference. The correct txid/hash was after you ran "masternode outputs" as per the guide.