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Wallet does not start / Error when starting wallet

Wallet does not launch

1. Stop/shutdown the wallet client if still running

2. Go to:

Win -> %appdata%/solaris/

You can do so by opening Explorer and typing that into the path field.

Mac -> ~/Library/Application Support/Solaris/

To find the folder on Mac: 


put: ~/Library/Application Support/Solaris 

then click GO

3. Delete all files and folders EXCEPT backups folder, wallet.dat,  solaris.conf and masternode.conf  (DO NOT DELETE backups folder,  wallet.dat, solaris.conf and masternode.conf)

4. Start your wallet client and let it sync. Your Wallet balance will appear when the wallet finishes synchronisation.

"Error opening block database"

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"Assertion Failed: hashPrevBlock == view.GetBestBlock()"

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"Failed reading from database."

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