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Updating Masternode (VPS) from older version to new version

Step 1: Update Desktop wallet to the latest version:

Step 2: Log into your VPS and enter the following commands, one by one:

Copy the text and Right Click with your mouse in the VPS window to Paste it.

cd solaris

./solaris-cli stop

If you get an "error: couldn't connect to server", then move on to the next step.


tar xzvf solaris-daemon-

./solarisd -daemon -reindex

This command will re-download the blockchain again. You can check the block height. Enter this command:

./solaris-cli getinfo

Go to and check that VPS “blocks” is the same (or very close) as the latest block in explorer. It will take about 15 minutes to catch up to the latest block after -reindex command.


Use the getinfo command to check the progress.

The version number should be: 208000 and protocol version: 70717

You can now close the VPS window if this looks correct.


Go to your Local wallet>Debug Console

Enter the following command:

startmasternode all false

Check if the protocol version is “70717” and if active time is going up. You might have to wait for 15-30 minutes and press “Update Status” to see the active time update. Allows up to 36 hours to start receiving rewards again.

IF THE ACTIVE TIME IS 00m:00s after 30 minutes.

ENABLED and Protocol is 70717, but the active time is stuck at 00m:00s?

Go back to your VPS and type these commands:

cd solaris

./solaris-cli stop

./solarisd -daemon -reindex

This will make your VPS reindex the database. This takes about 10-15 minutes. You can check ./solaris-cli getinfo to see the progress, the block number will be going up. When the VPS fully synchronizes, the active time should also update on the local wallet. 

If you are still having problems, come to Telegram and ask for help: Telegram: